Date Night Ideas

Conversation Starters

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Date Night Ideas

Conversation Starters

View Questions Below
Date Night Ideas

Conversation Starters

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Truth or Dare with a Twist

Spades: (“Loving” Dare)

  1. Ace: Kiss me for 20 seconds as if it’s our first kiss.
  2. Two: Rub my feet for 2 minutes.
  3. Three: Spend 3 minutes writing me a love note and then read it aloud to me.
  4. Four: Declare your love for me on any of your social media accounts.
  5. Five: Do a silly dance for 1 minute that represents how you feel about me.
  6. Six: Have a staring contest with me. The winner gets to kiss the loser anywhere they choose.
  7. Seven: Give me a massage for five minutes.
  8. Eight: Let’s make out in a space we’ve never made out in. (Closets count!)
  9. Nine: Blindfold me and kiss your favorite part of my body for at least 20 seconds.
  10. Ten: Whisper something sexy in my ear.
  11. Jack: Make up a random song about your love for me.
  12. Queen: Dance with me to one of our favorite songs.
  13. King: Draw a portrait of me in under two minutes.

Clubs: (“Difficult” Dare)

  1. Ace: Eat a spoonful of hot sauce or another spicy food of my choice.
  2. Two: Give me a piggyback ride around the room.
  3. Three: Bleat like a goat for one minute.
  4. Four: Impersonate someone we both know, and I’ll guess who it is.
  5. Five: Call a random number and start a conversation with the person who picks up.
  6. Six: Do your best impression of a celebrity or politician.
  7. Seven: Perform a one-minute plank or hold a yoga pose for one minute.
  8. Eight: Make a prank call to a friend or family member.
  9. Nine: Put on a silly costume or outfit and wear it for the rest of the game.
  10. Ten: Take a selfie in a funny or embarrassing pose and share it on social media.
  11. Jack: Play your favorite song and dance as though you were drunk.
  12. Queen: Imitate 3 emojis, and I’ll guess what they are.
  13. King: Act out a scene from your favorite movie or TV show.

Hearts: (“Loving” Truth)

  1. Ace: What is the most romantic thing I have ever done for you?
  2. Two: What’s one thing you love most about me?
  3. Three: What’s something you’ve never told me but have always wanted to?
  4. Four: What do you believe is my biggest turn on?
  5. Five: In your opinion, what is my best quality?
  6. Six: What’s something you admire about me that you wish you had?
  7. Seven: What did you think of me when we first met?
  8. Eight: What’s one thing you would like us to do together as a couple in the future?
  9. Nine: What do you believe is the key to a happy and healthy relationship?
  10. Ten: What’s something you’ve always wanted to try in the bedroom?
  11. Jack: What’s your favorite thing I do for you?
  12. Queen: How do you see our relationship evolving over the next five years?
  13. King: What’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself since our relationship began?

Diamonds: (“Difficult” Truth)

  1. Ace: What’s your least favorite thing about me?
  2. Two: What’s one thing I don’t know about you?
  3. Three: What’s the most difficult thing you’ve had to adjust or change for our relationship?
  4. Four: What are two things I can do more of to show you I love you?
  5. Five: What’s one thing you think I should change to make our relationship stronger?
  6. Six: What’s your greatest regret in life?
  7. Seven: What’s the biggest fear you have about our relationship and why?
  8. Eight: What do you think is the most difficult challenge we’ve faced as a couple?
  9. Nine: What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to ask me but haven’t had the courage to do so?
  10. Ten: What’s something I do that used to annoy you but you’ve now gotten used to it?
  11. Jack: What’s something you wish you’d known about me before we became a couple?
  12. Queen: What are some doubts you’ve had about our relationship?
  13. King: What’s one thing you wish I could better understand about you?


  1. Remove an article of clothing for the rest of the game.

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